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OC Cooler by Zoya

I was really excited to get this color because it looks so unique and reminded me of summer. Now that I have it on my nails I have realized that it makes me think of orange slushies! 

But anyway, this polish is great! I already really like the quality Zoya nail polish to begin with and then they make excellent colors and formulas such as OC Cooler. The formula was perfect. It was easy to control during application making it a dream to put on. I am wearing 3 coats in the photo and I achieved bottle color. The glitter is very small and gold and orange. But the polish is absolutly packed with glitter! It was extremely easy to make sure that the glitter was evened out because it was as if the glitter is part of the polish. 

Overall I love this polish! I think it’s a great summer color that definitely calls attention to your nails as it sparkles in the sunlight. I think Zoya did an amazing job with this color and I would suggest that everyone add OC Cooler to their collection.

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